The Important Stuff


*Worked on Bachelor of Science at University of Maryland, College Park (Consistency ranked in the top 25 schools in the country in mathematics!) Minors: Literature, Classics, Finance
*Worked on Masters of Science at Northeastern University, Boston Area of concentration: Differential Equations
*Worked on PhD at University of North Texas, Denton Area of concentration: Analysis
*Currently working on Masters in Education Technology at Texas A & M


*2009 - Current Austin Community College, Round Rock Campus and part-time lecturer for Texas State University
*2006 - 2009 Texas State University, San Marcos
*2004 - 2005 St. Edwards University, Austin
*1997 - 2004 University of North Texas, Denton

I never "planned" to become a professor. Teaching found me. I realized that it is the greatest job on Earth. Sharing my love (yeah, I said love) and enthusiasm for the both the science and the art of mathematics is something I look forward to everyday. Seeing students who want to learn and helping them to gain confidence and move toward the chance to live the life they want to live is privilege I never take for granted.

In my favorite movie (currently anyway) Lions for Lambs, a student says to his professor, "What about you doc? Those who can't do teach. Seriously, is being a professor doing the most with what you were given. Are these your gifts?" His professor answers, "I'm here because I am a selfish man. I'm selfish for the time you have someone in your classes who you know has rare gifts to go on and do big things.... My gifts are the ability to recognize great potential and maybe give a little shove."

Those lines perfectly describe what I get out of teaching and why I do it. They give me goose-bumps every time I read them. I've had a lot of chances to do other things, but this is the life for me. Doing what you love and making a difference in someone's life is a dream many never get to live.

A Few More Things

*I have been married for 11 years this year (2016). My husband is a firefighter for the City of Austin.
*We have three cats and two dogs. All are rescue animals.
Their names are, cats first of course: Baby, Foxie, Snowy; dogs: Willie and Scout.
*I have traveled a lot visiting 30 states, DC, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Canada, England, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Vatican City.
*My husband and I have traveled all over Texas including climbing to the highest point in Texas, Guadalupe Peak, an 8.4 mile round trip hike that took about 6 1/2 hours and kayaking in the Gulf.
*We've camped in or visited 22 state parks in Texas, four National Parks: Forth Davis, Guadalupe Mountains, Chickasaw National Recreation Area and Carlsbad Caverns. (In October 2015 I added Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty to the list.)
*We also love to ski at Wolf Creek in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
*I'm a crossfit nut. My current deadlift max is 245 pounds. (Sorry, I tell anyone who will listen!)

Hiking Willi Scout Foxie and Baby At the Station SnowyBeach