MATH 1342 Elementary Statistics

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Required Text/Access/Software

You will need the following:
1. LaunchPad access (textbook)
2. Internet access
3. Minitab access
4. Scientific calculator


Do not purchase a textbook which does not include the LaunchPad access code. In fact, a paper copy of the textbook is optional since you can purchase the LaunchPad access code without the book. LaunchPad includes an eBook. The LaunchPad course ID for this section is 3520541. If you wish to purchase a paper copy of the textbook, it is The Basic Practice of Statistics, 7th ed., by David S. Moore, William I. Notz, and Michael A. Fligner. For more information about LaunchPad, visit the Technology in Your Math Class page.


You will be using Minitab 17 software – You are NOT required to purchase Minitab software, but you are required to use it. It is available in the computer labs and the learning labs on each campus. You can get a free 30-day trial or rent the software for the semester by visiting the Minitab website.

Note: Students with Macs should use Minitab Express instead of Minitab 17.


Internet access will be required to use the material in LaunchPad. Written homework may be uploaded to a drop box in Blackboard if it has been scanned and saved as a pdf. If you do not have internet access at home ,it is available in the learning labs and computer labs on all ACC campuses.


scientific calculators You will need a scientific calculator. You will not be allowed to use a graphing calculator on exams. Make sure any calculator you choose has the capability of doing statistical calculations. If you are not sure what a scientific calculator is, visit the Technology in Your Math Class page.

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This course satisfies the Core Curriculum requirements in mathematics. In many programs, MATH 1342 is a good alternative course to MATH 1314, College Algebra. Check the requirements of your program at ACC and at the school to which you wish to transfer BEFORE deciding to take this course.

Grading Components: MATH 1342

Written Homework 6% of Overall Grade

You are expected to complete written assignments. Written assignments come from the text. If you did not purchase a "hard copy" of the book, you will find an electronic copy of the book in LaunchPad. Work the exercises assigned from each section. For instructions on turning in written homework watch the slide show and read the detailed instructions in Blackboard.

Online Quizzes using LaunchPad: 6% of Overall Grade

These are accessed using LaunchPad. These assignments are due by 11:59pm of the due date. You will have three attempts on each quiz. Your highest grade will be recorded. There are no deadline extensions. If you miss the deadline, you will receive a zero. Each quiz will reflect ALL sections covered in a particular chapter.

Exams 88% of Overall Grade

All exams will be given in the ACC Testing Center you choose during the first week of classes. No notes of any type will be allowed on exam one. A 3x5 "note card" will be allowed on each of the remaining exams.
  • The lowest exam score will be dropped.
  • There are no re-tests, test corrections, or extra credit.
  • If you miss any exam, you will earn a zero for that grade.
  • Letter grades will be assigned pursuant to the traditional grade system:
    A – excellent work (90-100%)
    B – good [above average] work (80-89%)
    C– fair [average] work(70-79%)
    D – passing [below average] work(60-69%)
    F – failure; given when a student (1) has failed the course (Less than 60%) while still officially enrolled at the end of the semester; (2) stops attending class without processing an official drop or withdrawal.

    Incomplete Grade Policy
    An incomplete grade “I” will be given only in very rare circumstances. Specifically, to receive a grade of "I", a student must have taken all examinations, be passing, and after the last date to withdraw, have a personal tragedy occur which prevents course completion. An instructor may award a grade of “I” (Incomplete) if a student was unable to complete all of the objectives for the passing grade in a course. An incomplete grade cannot be carried beyond the established date in the following semester. The completion date is determined by the instructor but may not be later than the final deadline for withdrawal in the subsequent semester.

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